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Episode #206 – Winning Craps Basic Strategy: Lay 4/10 Don’t Pass by Craps Tastic – Video (17:37)

*If You Play Craps, You Will Lose!*

*Remember, It’s all about “Staying Live!” in the game!  (Mel Lum Ho – Craps Hawaii)*


By…Craps Tastic

Here’s a very basic (and kind of boring) craps basic strategy. While this won’t likely get you all excited while playing… you just might walk away a winner! We are going to lay the 4 and 10 while playing a don’t pass or dark side strategy. Try this the next time you go to the casino if you’re just starting out, learning the game of craps.

This video is intended for entertainment only. The strategies illustrated are not a guarantee or promise of winnings in any way. Gamble legally at your own risk

Winning Craps Basic Strategy: Lay 4/10 Don’t Pass
Aug 6, 2020
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