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Episode #189 – S029 Big AZ Craps GURU’s Tennessee Twins strategy review by OnPointGambling – Video (28:07)

*If You Play Craps, You Will Lose!*

*Remember, It’s all about “Staying Live!” in the game!  (Mel Lum Ho – Craps Hawaii)*



Hey! Greetings Tubers! Today we are looking at Big AZ’s strategy, the Tennessee Twins (and the variant, the Tennessee Triplets). We start with a Don’t Pass bet, followed by an equal-ish amount spread across two sister numbers (the 6&8, 5&9, or 4&10). On the first hit, we split the winnings and press both sisters up an equal amount, then collect the second hit and take both Place bets down, then ride out the Don’t Pass. For the Triplets version, you would take the winnings and press two times, then collect on the third hit and take the Place bets down.

Please check out Big AZ’s channel, he does a great job and has a lot of fun videos and a lot of great strategies. Here’s a link to the Tennessee Twins video:…

S029 Big AZ Craps GURU’s Tennessee Twins strategy review

Jul 30, 2020

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